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» Teaching Efficacy Beliefs of National Board Certified Physical Educators

Teaching Efficacy Beliefs of National Board Certified Physical Educators

The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards offers a voluntary advanced-certification for K-12 teachers. The majority of teachers who pursue this professional development program live in the US, although there are National Board Certified teachers across the globe. This study examined National Board Certified Physical Education Teachers’ (NBCPETs) teaching efficacy beliefs. In total, 334 NBCPET participants completed a demographic questionnaire and survey that included the Teacher Efficacy Scale (Woolfolk & Hoy, 1990). From that group, 65 were randomly selected and interviewed. Participants described perceptions of their abilities to influence learning, and perceptions of how their teaching effectiveness compared to non-board certified physical educators. Teacher Efficacy Scale scores of respondents revealed strong Personal Teaching Efficacy (PTE), and their PTE scores were higher than their General Teaching Efficacy scores. Most NBCPETs expressed confidence in their abilities to influence student learning. Emerging themes related to their perceptions about their own teaching success were: differentiated instruction, persistence, connection with and care for students, and work in a content area conducive to influencing students. While comparing their own teaching effectiveness with non-NBCPETs, most participants articulated a propensity to reflect on practice, a deeper understanding of and commitment to teaching effectiveness, and greater motivation to excel.
Keywords: advanced-level certification, teaching efficacy, professional development