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Biobehavioral Kinesiology
Faculty in this area examine the antecedents and consequences of involvement in physical activity and sport and the impact that physical activity and sport have upon individuals. This area includes Exercise and Sport Psychology, Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Kinesmetrics.
exercise physiology
Faculty in this area study issues related to general health and athletic performance from the standpoint of how physical activity or inactivity impact body systems and processes. We perform acute exercise experiments and randomized exercise interventions to address questions from a whole body, cellular and/or molecular perspective.
Faculty in this area incorporate the humanities, science, and teacher education to study a breadth of subjects associated with physical activity, health, and body culture in human life and society.

health disparities
Faculty in this area examine a variety of dynamic interactions that impact the overall health of communities. Faculty in rehabilitation examine the impact of disability in the population and the emotional, environmental, vocational, and educational issues surrounding adjustment to disability.
public health
Faculty in this area examine population-based approaches to public health. A cornerstone of the program is translating research into public health practice.